PoggioVerrano in VINUM magazine, May 2010 issue

A great article about Maremma is published in the May 2010 issue of VINUM magazine.

The title is “Die Maremma wird nicht untergehen”.
The article says that in spite of the general crisis of the wine industry Maremma wines will grow and prosper. Then it says that Sangiovese is one of many varieties grown in the region and that Maremma is more similar to Bordeaux than to central Tuscany (Chianti, Montalcino, ecc) ... “Liebesgruesse nach Bordeaux”.

A part from the only two mythical Ornellaia (18) and Sassicaia (17.5) our wines got the highest ratings:
- Dròmos 2006: 17
- Sangiovese Dròmos L’Altro 2007: 16

Enjoy the comments by the wine critic Christian Eder.

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