Major awards to Sommelier Luca Gardini and to Ristorante Checchino

I like to share great news about two very good friends of mine.

Luca Gardini has won the title of Miglior Sommelier d’Europa 2009.
Luca is the sommelier of
Ristorante Cracco in Milano . The competition has been organized by the Worldwide Sommelier Association in San Marino, Italy. The participants were representing 15 European countries. Luca has won all the tests: tasting, pairing, wine list, wine serving.
After winning in the past the titles of Miglior Sommelier d’Italia, Master of Sangiovese and Master of Nebbiolo and now the title of Miglior Sommelier d’Europa what will be next in his brilliant career?
I know well his talent and energy, so I am sure he is already doing plans for his next target.

At CittĂ  del Gusto in Rome the Ristorante Checchino dal 1887 has received the prestigious Premio del Gruppo del Gusto della Stampa Estera sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture to support the best Italian tradition.
Checchino dal 1887 (Rome) has been run by the Mariani family since the beginning in 1887; now you can find the fifth generation: Francesco, Elio and Marina, all very dedicated and passionate about their work.
Insalata di Zampi, Bucatini all’Amatriciana, Coda alla Vaccinara, Cicoria di campo, …. just to name a few traditional dishes they offer.
We can only hope that they will carry on the successful family tradition to their sons, the sixth generation!

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