Shakespeare at Roselle

This past August I have spent a few days strolling around in Maremma to know more about its territory.

One evening my wife and I went to the ancient Roselle for watching the comedy “Tutto รจ bene quello che finisce bene” by William Shakespeare. This comedy is based on a novel of Giovanni Boccaccio.

Roselle was one of the major villages at the time of the Etruscans. It was founded near the Ombrone river on the southern side of Lake Prile in the VII century b.C. Perfect location!
In 294 b.C. it was conquered by the Romans who built the amphitheatre later on.

I have watched many plays in other ancient amphitheatres but I can tell you that this small one in Roselle has a magic and touching atmosphere. You should try!

For more info about Roselle http://www.archeotoscana.beniculturali.it/index.php?it/209/grosseto-area-archeologica-di-roselle

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