Argentario and PoggioVerrano

The Argentario promontory is one the most glamour and trendiest spot in Italy.

It is located in the southern part of the Maremma coast, in Tuscany. Less then two hours drive north of Rome you find politicians, businessmen, sport stars, showmen, etc. The Dutch royal family owns the villa “L’elefante felice” in the East part of the promontory.
You can relax on the various beaches or you can go boating, fishing, diving, golfing, cycling, riding …. and, why not, shopping.
The two villages are Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole; nearby there is Orbetello.
You can visit fortresses and palaces from the Spanish domination of the area (Stato dei Presidi, 1557-1707). There are also ruins from the Roman period.
Curiosity: Caravaggio, one of the most famous Italian painters, died near Porto Ercole in 1610.

The nearby Argentario is very important to us.
Everyday our vines benefit from the fantastic sea breeze blowing from Argentario.
The sea breeze, the shining light, the temperature range between day and night give us the Mediterranean climate necessary to get the high quality grapes we look for.

In one picture you see the Argentario through our Alicante vines; the other one shows the cover sheet of the nice guide published by Edizioni Artelibro, Firenze.

Last but not least from the top of our hill (300 m on sea level) you view both the Elba island and the Giglio island, two pearls of the Tuscan archipelago.
Come and see with your eyes!

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