Travelling through Maremma, Tuscany

Travelling through Maremma means having a new idea of travelling. It means discovering a new idea of nature, arts, colours, flavours. What amazes you is the variety of landscape, which is never the same in its stretching out, and ripe with myriad of facets.
Maremma is a fresco of sights, mild hills, fields livened up by man’s work, villages and hamlets, an alternation of sea and beaches that turn this land into a brimming mosaic of timeless architectures.

Maremma is one of the most beautiful and magical faces of Tuscany. Its inland preserves features that have gone lost everywhere else: it is thriving and full of naturally-fertile fields that give authentic products which an old cooking tradition skilfully matches with the Mediterranean flavours of oil and famous wines. The flatland is full of charming humid areas, the kingdom of rare wildlife and uncontaminated species.

The open sea gently laps at the coast, where blooming beaches, sandy dunes, small bays follow each other and break up into coves that host marinas and modern equipped beaches.
Whilst travelling, guests can learn more about the nature, creativity, civilization of this way of being and living in Maremma. A land that, like few others, preserves signs of the Etruscan civilization and villages and hamlets where the flavours of medieval art is still strong.
Maremma also means meeting people who have always welcomed and greeted people with such a willingness to be together, and for travellers it is like finding unique atmospheres and a charm that never fails to amaze, all through the year.

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