Our wedding celebration at Trussardi alla Scala in Milan

In every family there are a few important anniversaries, one being a 25th wedding anniversary which my wife and I celebrated a few days ago.
We decided to have an intimate celebration at Ristorante Trussardi alla Scala, a good friend and customer of ours.
As a matter of fact it was a double celebration since its talented young Chef Andrea Berton has just received a second star from the Michelin guide.

After we toasted with Cuveé Annamaria Clementi 2001 the choice of wine was obvious: what could have been better for us than our Dròmos 2004 ?

Let’s talk about the dishes we had.
I started with a quite unconventional but delicious Insalata liquida con ricciola cruda al profumo di bergamotto e zenzero and my wife with Gamberi di Sicilia, crudi e cotti, gelatina di crostacei, gelato di barbatiela, crema d’olio con amaranto croccante.
For the main course my wife had Lasagne di patate viola, corallo di fasolari e carciofi while I had a plate the chef suggested to be a perfect pairing for our wine Maialino da latte arrosto con patata fritta, avocado e lime.
For dessert my wife had a Composizione di frutta fresca while I have been much greedier by having a special Sigaro di cioccolato al tobacco con caffè, granita alla vodka e limone with a sip of Rhum Damoiseau 1991 from Guadaloupe …

Andrea, a sincere thanks to you and your impeccable staff, especially Luciano and Lorenzo, for the remarkable dining experience which we enjoyed while gazing at Teatro alla Scala, soon to open its operatic season with "Don Carlo" by Giuseppe Verdi !

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Congratulations on your anniversary. What a wonderful way to celebrate. I loved the liquid salad when we were there last month. Very unique. Trussardi certainly deserves the second star.

Kelly Walker