Luca Maroni tastes Dromos 2005

During the program DECANTER on the Italian radio channel RAI 2 the well-known wine critic Luca Maroni tastes Dròmos 2005; please listen his very nice comment in Italian.
Here is an English summary of his tasting notes:
Dròmos is a grand beautiful wine like many fabulous wines coming from the Maremma; it's a tempest of fire and flames.
We are international with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc from Bordeaux, Alicante from Spain and yet the Maremma is represented with Sangiovese.
On the nose I wouldn't say pomegranate but blackberries, that note is dominant in Maremma, big luscious blackberries with spicy notes kissed by the sun; the balsamic notes are due to a prolonged aging in new barrique. To taste it's like a velvet cape draped over the tongue, lots of glycerine, explosive yet soft and in equilibrium.
This is a fantastic expression of the Maremma.
To pair with wild boar.If Dròmos were a piece of clothing I would say it's like a fine cashmere sweater.

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