Milan - Lausanne - Milan: 5 tastings in 3 days !!!

In the last few days I have been quite busy with tastings and driving.

On Thursday after the lunch at Ristorante Cracco (see the specific post) I attended at Weekend della Degustazione at the Marriott in Milan.

Then on Friday I drove to Switzerland for a tasting at Oenothèque de la Treille near Lausanne; my daughter replaced me at the tasting in Milan.

On Saturday afternoon when the tasting in Lausanne was over I drove back to Milan for partecipating at the last part of Weekend della Degustazione ......
See a video interview:

Exhausting days but plesant since our wines have been highly appreciated and a large number of bottles have been sold !!!
In the pictures:
-on the left I am with Paolo Libandi, Bruno Bonfanti, Hans Blumer and René Barbier (Clos Mogador, Priorat, Spain) at La Treille
- in the center with Yan of Oenothèque de La Treille
- on the right with my daughter and some friends of her at the Marriott in Milan.

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