Grand Jury Européen at Villa D'Este, Lake Como

With François Mauss, the President of GJE, before the afternoon tasting session about Bordeaux.
GJE is a unique group of true wine lovers, both from Europe and US.
I enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones: Eleonora Scholes, Enzo Vizzari, Joë Payne, Marco Reitano, Kevin Shin, Wilfred van Gorp and many more.
Durig lunch I had the pleasure to present and to share with this distinguished group Dròmos 2005 and Dròmos L'Altro - Sangiovese 2006.
Knowing the "big" wines tasted in the morning and the "big" ones to be tasted in the afternoon I was anxious about the reaction but both our wines showed very well and they were highly appreciated !

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