San Francisco & Napa with a quick stop in Sausalito

As finish to our ten days trip in US we spent a few hours in Napa and then in Sausalito.
While in Napa we visited two wineries: FOLIO Winemakers' Studio of our friend Michael Mondavi (see picture) and then SIGNORELLO Vineyards. We did not have a lot of time but enough to enjoy a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 at both wineries.
On our way back to the airport we stopped at Sausalito where we met new friends such as Alberto Pinto http://www.paulsharksausalito.us/ and Enrico Tenni http://www.valtellina-automobili.com/ (if you love special cars it is the place to visit and the man to know).
Tips about restaurants in San Francisco:
- Acquerello, http://www.acquerello.com/ , one Michelin star
- NOPA, http://www.nopasf.com/ , mainly Spain, some France and a little bit of Italy, very alive
- SOCIALE, http://www.caffesociale.com/, a small treasure to discover
and when in Sausalito stop at ANGELINO http://www.angelinorestaurant.com/

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