..... Stockholm, Sweden

The last week-end of March we were in Stockholm for two tastings.

On Saturday the Nordic Wine Institute has organized the Italiensk Vindag at the Hotel Sheraton. The event was well organized and attended; my congratulation to Börje Eriksson.
During the five hours tasting we run out of 6 bottles of Dròmos 2005 .... the best way to measure how our wine was enjoyed by the public!

Then on Sunday at La Cave Bouquet I conducted a "mini" vertical tasting: Dròmos 2003 - 2004 - 2005. The partecipants were 25 wine lovers; at the end of the tasting the three wines were rated .... and all the three ratings were high and so close there was no winner; I like since it shows the consistency of our work vintage after vintage.
Thanks to Lena, Jonas and Ulf for the pleasant and successfull afternoon in Gamla Stan (see picture).

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