From the beginning in year 2000

Dear Friends, I have decided to start this diary to share with you all the on-going happenings about my new winery.
The diary will be open; so add comments by becoming part of the growing family of Supporters.
Since our wine has an International presence I have decided to use the English language; sometimes I will write a few words in "Italiano" just to remember our rooth!
When you have time visit our web site www.poggioverrano.it
Let me start since the beginning.
- I am Francesco Bolla, a member of the fourth generation of Bolla family in the wine business; my grandfather Alberto was known as the "Grandfather of Amarone"
- at the end of 1999 I left the Bolla winery; at that time I was Chairman and Managing Director
- in summer 2000 I bought Tenuta PoggioVerrano with no vineyards and no winery in Maremma Toscana inside the Morellino di Scansano area (see above picture)
- in spring 2001 we planted the first lot of high density vineyards
- in spring 2002 we planted the second lot of high density vineyards; first lot + second lot is equal to 27 hectares (67 acres)
- in summer 2002 we started the building of the fully underground gravity- flow cellar
- in late August/early September 2003 we had our first small harvest
- in April 2005 we bottled our first vintage 2003: 16.680 750ml and 210 magnums
- on May 27, 2005 the first bottle of Dròmos 2003 was opened in Moscow at "Vinitaly Russia" tasting
- on June 1, 2006 the first order arrives from Russia.
My dream has become a reality and all of you may help us in making Dròmos to become a bigger and bigger reality worldwide !
Enjoy our video clip
Thank you from me and my family,
Francesco Bolla

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